Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Practice Group primarily advises its clients on matters relating to the protection and enforcement of their intellectual property rights, both in Singapore and around the world. The firm has extensive expertise in relation to the following areas:

  Trade marks
  Domain Names
  Confidential Information

At Gateway Law, our aim is to assist our clients to protect and extract maximum commercial returns from their valuable intellectual assets.

In this respect, the group works with a network of associates in all major jurisdictions around the world, thus providing its clients a one-stop, multi-networked agency securing, protecting and enforcing their IP rights in a cost-effective manner across the world.


SCOPE IP is an intellectual Property Management ("IPM") diagnostic tool, developed by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore to help businesses assess the strengths and weaknesses of their IP deployment and management systems. This programme helps organisations to better understand the current state of their IP management processes, and to improve on it based on recommendations provided by a panel of consultants.

SCOPE IP Consultants are trained in this methodology to examine an organisation's IPM system in eight areas of assessment, and to generate a report identifying areas for improvement and strategic growth, with the organisation's current and future needs in mind. Subsidies are available for Small and Medium Enterprises, under the IPM for Local Enterprises scheme, to help subsidise the cost of conducting a SCOPE IP assessment.

For more information about this programme, please contact our Mr Max Ng who sits on the panel of approved SCOPE IP Consultants.

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