Gateway Law is made up of individuals with outstanding IP expertise and industry experience. Our talent bank includes patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and intellectual property lawyers and paralegals.

Professionals   Finance & Administration
Max Ng   Junnel Santos
Alan SY Lee   Sun Kang Yao
Raymund A. Anthony   Mari Mar Andres
Daniel Chia    
Michael Leow   Corporate Secretarial
Amira Nabila Budiyano   Shruti Sood
Tran Le Luu Phuong   Law Thien Min
Lee Hong Zhi Justin    
Koh Jia Ling Emily   Intellectual Property
    Portfolio Management
Malaysian Desk   Inshirah Lim
Gregory Marimuthu    
    Business Development
    Larizza de Vera
    IT Desk
    Jeoffrey Mabbagu
Practice Trainees    
2019 2020 2021
Rachelle Ho Zane Tay Celine Koh
Joyce Magdalena Deon Ng Chen Yang Khit Sue Lun

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