CSR/Pro Bono

CSR Matters @ Gateway

As we pass our 15 year mark this year, Gateway is humbled to have been able to get to where we are now with the support of dedicated staff and our loyal clientele. Accordingly, it is only right that our community engagement efforts are heightening in tandem with our growth.

In recent years, we have donated hundreds of hours of legal services to those who need a little helping hand and to the organisations that serve them.

Here are some of the work we are involved in:

Volunteer with the State Courts

Our Managing Director, Mr Max Ng, leads the lawyers at Gateway on our pro bono efforts. Max has actively volunteered with the State Courts as a Court Volunteer Mediator primarily in disputes filed at the Small Claims Tribunal to help parties reach an amicable settlement.

Legal Clinics

Our lawyers are involved in various legal clinics including IPOS IP Legal Clinic dealing with cases associated with infringement of intellectual property or opposition matters, Community Legal Clinic administered by the Law Society Pro Bono Services in conjunction with various CDCs, and other ad-hoc legal clinics intended for charities, VWOs, social enterprises, and the creative industry.

Law Society Committees

Our lawyers are avid supporters of the various Law Society Committees under the auspices of both Law Society of Singapore and Law Society Pro Bono Services Office. Our lawyers are currently volunteering in several committees for the betterment of selected practice areas of interest and/or in improving engagement with stakeholders for quality service, which service would benefit the public.

Publications and Education for Community

Increasing our community’s awareness on a variety of legal topics is a key aspect of shared social responsibility that we are passionate about. We have had the opportunity to contribute to various publications and speaking on relevant issues as part of legal education for the layman. Our target audience have included students, general members of the public, and start-ups.

For an example of a fairly recent publication that we have supported, please see https://www.lawsocprobono.org/Documents/Advocates%20for%20the%20Arts.pdf for a downloadable copy of the legal handbook developed to equip persons working in creative industries with relevant knowledge. We are pleased to have contributed to 2 chapters, namely, Chapters 7 and 8.

Our Vision

As a young firm, business will always be a priority. However, we are confident that our lawyers and staff are versatile and capable enough to carve enough time out to support causes they each believe in. We believe that a brighter future for all starts with a commitment to lead and serve.

So help us to forge a Better Together, via one Gateway to hearts.